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Thomas Edison's Inventive Institution!

William Wallace had equipped his manufacturing works with a water driven turbine coupled to a dynamo to drive a complete arc lighting system with a few experimental incandescent lamps. Thomas Edison was unusually subdued meditated all day while he looking over Wallace's water turbine. As Edison was about to  depart, he said to Wallace: "You are going in the wrong direction." Later in the eve of that same day, George Barker asked Thomas Edison what he had meant! Thomas Edison, still taciturn, muttered something about a vacuum! George Barker, detecting a confidence, probed further. and Thomas Edison deliberately declined in giving a viable reply!



"All right" said George Barker, but I am expecting you to do a good deal better! Thomas Edison's role as a machine shop operator and small manufacturer was crucial to his success as an inventor! Unlike other scientists and inventors of the time, who had only limited means at their disposal, lacking in support from officialdom. Thomas Edison ran an inventive institution, he was in fact the exact opposite of the lone inventive intellect!

Implementation of The American Reverie!

Although his deafness enforced on him isolation conductive to conception. His lack of managerial ability was, in an odd way, also a stimulant! As his own boss, he plunged ahead on projects more prudent men would have shunned, then tended to dissipate the fruits of his own inventiveness, so that he was both free and forced to develop new ideas! It is of note that very  few individuals of Thomas Edison's time could have matched Edison in the positives of his own personal thinking! Thomas Edison would never never dreamt of being uncertain whether something might be done, he was more interested in only how it can be done! Thomas Edisonís career is the implementation of the American reverie from rags to riches brought about by  true grit, hard work and intelligent flare that made him a an American folk hero to his countrymen! In temperament he was an unrestrained egalitarian though  at times he could be a little tyrant of a man to his employees but at most their entertaining companion!

The Royal Institution of London!

No one who had worked for Edison could envisaged having a single dull moment around  him! Thomas Edison was a charismatic human-being and he courted publicity, but he had difficulty socialising and literally abandoned his family! Thomas Alva Edison's persistently attacked the expense of the disorderly fraternity of  the idealist world which sometimes lead formally trained scientists to undervalue his ego as

anti-intellectuals! Yet as insulting though they maybe, Edison employed as his aides, at various times a number of eminent mathematical physicists, the likes of Nicole Tesla and A. E. Kennelly! In the summer of 1880 Thomas Edison determined that carbonised bamboo fibre made a satisfactory material for the filament! It is with interest to know that in the year of 1809 Humphrey Davy was the first to demonstrate the electric carbon arc light at the Royal Institution in London, United Kingdom! The electric arc was also used for lighting at the Paris Opera! And during that time and until about 1860, the only source of electrical power was derived from using batteries! 




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